White  Power  V90(30pcs/pack)

White Power V90(30pcs/pack)

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White powder V90 is a sustainable vitamin-C derivative cosmetic powder.

Vitamin C cannot be generated by the human body, yet is an indispensable nutrient for beauty and health, but is vulnerable to heat and oxidization. This powder uses Ascorbyl Glucoside which has the advantage of being as effective as conventional vitamin C. With 90 mg in each capsule, this gives you the equivalent of the vitamin C of two lemons.*

The powder also uses trehalose, a naturally occurring carbohydrate contained in mushrooms, yeast, legumes, and seaweed. Blending 10% trehalose reduces the feeling of skin tightness caused by vitamin C, leading to smoother skin that maintains moisture.

Easily upgrade your daily skin care by just mixing this powder with your usual lotions, essences, and creams. Its individually packaged portions provide you with the right amount of fresh Vitamin C!

Free from 5 kinds of additive, allowing gentle daily use: fragrances, artificial colourings, preservatives, surface active agents, and alcohol (ethanol).

* 1 lemon = V.C.20mg